Dissemination Activity


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Journal Publications

  1. Andreas A. Sapalidis, Panagiotis I. Karantzis, Achilles Vairis, Stéphan Barbe, Stephanos Nitodas, Evangelos P. Favvas, “A study of reinforcement effect by MWCNTs into BTDA–TDI/MDI (Ρ84) polyimide flat sheet membranes”, Polymers 2020, to be submitted.
  2. T. Esser, T. Wolf, T. Schubert, J. Benra, S. Forero, G. Maistros, S. Barbe, A.A. Sapalidis and E.P. Favvas, “CNTs based cellulose acetate membranes: an optimization study of the filler materials dispersion method and its investigation by using impedance spectroscopy”, Nanomaterials, 2020, to be submitted.
  3. D.S. Karousos, G. Theodorakopoulos, A.A. Sapalidis, T. Schubert, J. Benra, E.P. Kouvelos, E.P. Favvas, “Nanocarbon based mixed matrix polyimide-pebax hollow fiber membranes for gas separations”, Separ. Purif. Technology, 2020, to be submitted.